Areas of Emphasis

Community/Health Psychology

Community & Health psychology courses, research, and experiences develop knowledge and skills related to such areas as cultural diversity, sexuality, violence against women, education, community mental health, promotion and maintenance of health, analysis and improvement of health care delivery, program development and evaluation, and participatory research methods.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Industrial/organizational psychology courses, research, and experiences develop knowledge and skills related to such areas as organizational effectiveness, human resource development, personnel selection, team building, and leadership development.

Program Curriculum

Students who plan to do both the MA and PhD complete doctoral level courses while completing their MA. Internal application to the PhD program after completion of our MA program requirements is straightforward and streamlined. Students entering the PhD program with an MA/MSc which is not in applied social psychology will normally be required to complete some MA level applied social requirements (e.g., core courses in applied social psychology and the practicum). Contact the Coordinator of the Applied Social Psychology graduate program for more information (see the Contacts & Faculty page).

Core Curriculum

Core courses include statistics, theory, research methods, as well as ethical and professional issues in applied psychology All PhD students take at least one course in cultural diversity and MA and PhD students take courses from their chosen area of emphasis or across both areas (Community/Health Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology).

Practicum & Internship

Students also complete a MA level practicum (100 hours) and a PhD level internship  (1,000 hours) in a field setting such as a business organization, community organization (including grassroots ones), school/college, or government agency.

Research Labs & Groups

Applied Quantitative Methodology Centre for Culture and Organizational Research Community & Health Psychology Educational Psychology Feminist Research on Violence against Women Issues in Higher Education The Bystander Initiative Occupational Health and Well-Being Group
Applied Social Psychology
MA & PhD Graduate Programs